Atomic Bomb delivers the explosive ingredients necessary for combat in the weight room directly to your body. A ferocious blend of performance-enhancing ingredients ensure you buffer lactic acid build-up, sustain endurance, and crush PR’s as you approach your workouts with maximum intensity.


Who’s it for: Athletes that need a pre-workout lift of concentration, aggression and intensity can consume Atomic Bomb.


Expected Results: Expect unrivalled intensity in your workouts, enhanced strength and endurance, in addition to improved cognition. Also, expect some insane muscular pumps if you’re training for bodybuilding!


Key Ingredients: Beta-alanine, Citrulline Malate, Creatine and Theacrine all combine to enhance multiple aspects of performance.


Weight/Servings: 450g / 30 x 15g servings


Flavours: Cherry, Tropical Fruit, Pineapple



Earn up to 400 Points.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jack Martin
Best out there.

Im on my 6th tub of Atomic Bomb and find its the best pre workout ive used. Never fail to have a fully focus`d and intense/heavy workout after having a scoop of this before hand. I can fall out of bed half dead, crawl to the kitchen half asleep, have a scoop of this and within 20mins I feel like I can do anything. Tastes good too, and no crash after a few hours like some others do.

Not noticed any side effects or issues even though I have a lot of this stuff.

Ross Mcquillan-johnson
Does what it says.

Used for a few weeks. Strongest I’ve used and only one that works for me. Weigh it though and stick to RD unless you want an outer body experience…. Banging stuff tho.

Sean Lochran
Atomic bomb

Strongest pre workout i have tried. Will definitely get you going for a tough workout.

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