EAAMMO Amino Acid Intra-Workout 450g

A powerful combination of Essential Amino Acids & BCAAs designed to amplify training efforts and sustain workout intensity. Further fortified with the powerful Adaptogen Ashwagandha, to help fight off Cortisol and reduce inflammation.


Designed to be consumed any time of the day to boost your Amino acid pool, and highly recommended around your workout, especially post workout, due to its high Leucine dosage to activate mTOR signalling.


Prolongs endurance, improves recovery times, and fights off catabolism; EAAMMO is a bodybuilders most trusted weapon on the battlefield.


Who’s it for: Athletes and gym-goers looking to improve their recovery both intra-workout and away from training can benefit from supplementing EAAMMO.


Expected Results: Enhanced recovery between sets, improved intra-workout performance and faster recovery outside of the gym is to be expected.


Key Ingredients: High-quality, vegetable-derived, fermented Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).


Weight/Servings: 450g / 30 x 15g serving to be consumed intra-workout and also once daily.


Flavours: Tropical Lime, Cherry, Pineapple



Earn up to 400 Points.


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