Official Team Nasty Protein Shaker Cup | Sports Bottle

Official Team Nasty – the true Hardkore Heavy Duty Protein Shaker Bottle is a premium quality shaker bottle. Perfect for creating smooth, lump free supplements with a massive 700ml capacity. This highly durable shaker contains a stainless steel internal whipping ball, which helps mix up the powder and liquid to create smooth and consistent shakes with minimal effort.

The ergonomic design incorporates fill level markers on the back to ensure accurate liquid measurement, whilst the textured finish allows for improved grip. Unique domed base for easy cleaning.

Made from BPA free, dishwasher friendly plastic the Official TeamNasty Hardkore Shaker Bottle utilises a large mouthpiece for optimal flow as part of the tight sealing lid that eradicates spills and leaks. Perfect for all your Hardkore supplements and designed for heavy duty use on the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Capacity 700ml
  • Height 226mm
  • Diameter 95mm
  • Weight 133g


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