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Official Team Nasty ‘Lumberjack’ Sleeveless Shirt, Great product Fits well. Makes you look like a beast in the gym. Cant wait to get a new one.


Runs large which is great. Comfortable during workout and breathable all the way through.

So comfy!

I absolutely love these pants. They are so comfortable and I love the striped design. Easily get down into a deep squat in them and they feel very durable.

Definitely be getting the red/black ones soon. Be great to see some other striped colours as well

.... Rocket Fuel

After using preworkout for years and years (previously used atomic bomb when first came out)
Bought this after talking to Anth, x2 scoops first time...... big mistake, was buzzing for hours after , very strong and 1 scoop is more than adequate for experienced user with high tolerances , highly recommend

Great Shirt!

Great Shirt for training bring back the old school!
Will buy more!!!

Old Skool Training Pants - Official Team Nasty [RED]

T shirt

Excellent service, fast and reliable, good quality material

Gym time

Awesome shirts, plenty of comments in the gym....

Jack Martin
Best out there.

Im on my 6th tub of Atomic Bomb and find its the best pre workout ive used. Never fail to have a fully focus`d and intense/heavy workout after having a scoop of this before hand. I can fall out of bed half dead, crawl to the kitchen half asleep, have a scoop of this and within 20mins I feel like I can do anything. Tastes good too, and no crash after a few hours like some others do.

Not noticed any side effects or issues even though I have a lot of this stuff.

wonderfully cosy hardcore sweat pants

Absolutely love these sweat pants. They're super soft and cosy and look great. My new favourite leg day pants.❤


I used, and still use Atomic Bomb to hammer out my leg sessions, but BTH is the perfect accompaniment. Flavour's good and the stim is perfect. Gives me the focus I need to get through the sets.

Lumberjack shirt

Quality and style all the way.

Best gym pants I own

Super comfy to train in and they look cool as fuck


LOVE this Design ! By far my favorite ! Trademark LEROY & ANTH ! Nothing short of 100% Quality on all aspects !
How can you not like & love it if you are fan of these Beasts and Hardkore Klothing !
You are guaranteed a NASTY workout with this one for sure !


Top quality both design, print, clothing material...solid and inspiring hoodie !
Off to a NASTY WORKOUT with it now !


Super Shirt ! Top quality both cloth material + print !

looking huge

These shirts are the best things to train in,lightweight and they literally make you look massive lol

New Tee

Awesome design.Great Quality ! Fast Service !

An awesome birthday present!

This was a gift for one of my best mates who's is a massive fan of the hardcore bodybuilding scene. He couldn't have been happier with his red lumberjack shirt! Great quality. So much so that I am planning on buying myself one! Think I will go for the yellow!

A really good shirt 100% recommend

Great product, fits perfectly and is really comfy to wear while training. 10/10

Great product

Great quality, great design, very happy.

Ross Mcquillan-johnson
Does what it says.

Used for a few weeks. Strongest I’ve used and only one that works for me. Weigh it though and stick to RD unless you want an outer body experience…. Banging stuff tho.

Bring the hurt

Really good DVD not been this inspired since the original Blood And Guts . Proper training no fancy bull and training in sweat shirts . Introverted training . Watch it kids.